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We were excited to welcome back designboom mart to IDS16. designboom is one of the world’s first online design and architecture magazine, and has been voted by TIME magazine as one of the top 100 design influencers in the world.

designboom mart is a unique interactive platform where emerging and established designers test their new ideas. Visitors met the young avant-garde talents personally and become familiar with their work. They can purchased self-produced or limited edition pieces directly from the designers. Over the intense days of exhibiting and socializing, the designers had the chance to discuss their work with other like-minded professionals, customers, manufacturers, distributors, press and museum curators – verifying their designs and their packaging credentials.

IDS16 participating designers:

angelëne, ITALY, CANADA
angelene laura fenuta

app state design, USA
donald corey, michael rall

beroep | tech, USA
akiko kato

carineh babayan

baron aristizabal, COLOMBIA
maria paula baron aristizabal

fishtnk design factory, CANADA
nevena niagolova, masoud mohammadi, golta mohammadi, max johnson

tat chao, CANADA

contour & co, CANADA
jordan maddox, alexandria gagnon

couple d’idees, CANADA
diane parenteau, arto dokouzian

disegno fine jewellery, CANADA
pamela coulston, michael bussiere

alexander garnett, UK

humble raja, UK CANADA
reena mistry, bhavesh mistry

simon johns, CANADA

mier luo, USA

ryann newyork onkar, CANADA

abde nouamani, MOROCCO, AUSTRALIA

rekindle, CANADA
devin schaffner, natalie fitzgerald, heather lam, scott bodally

jennifer rong designs, CHINA, CANADA

nate rosetti, USA

studio lani, USA
lani adeoye

tait design, USA
matt tait

Arc & Co. Design Collective believes good design will differentiate a brand from the competitions. It is their goal in raising public awareness about the transformative power of Exhibition Design to take any company and product to make it instantly memorable. As designers, they deliberately avoid having a recognizable style, because they believe successful designs should adapt and remain relevant for each brand they represent.

It has always been the mission of designboom to unearth the best projects and curating a selection of the most interesting aspects of contemporary culture, before anyone can find it anywhere else. The space Arc & Co are designing for designboom mart, will merge these philosophies proudly owned by all three companies.This year, Arc & Co have invited Green World Lumber to collaborate in the design of designboom Mart’s space.

Each year after every show, Arc & Co donate the materials to different design schools in Toronto. This year, the concept is to “borrow” the lumbers without damaging the wood, so their partner can resell the materials. This means Arc & Co would have to design and embrace the lumber in its most original forms.

Green World Lumber is a hardwood distributor that specializes in supplying sustainable plantation grown genuine mahogany to Canada. Green World Mahogany is a non-endangered timber, grown in sustainable forests in the tropical islands of Fiji. Mahogany represents a new category of decking from a plantation grown source that can be used for any decking need. It’s rot and mildew resistance combined with being one of the most stable timbers on the market make it perfect for docks and near water decks. Coupled with its capability to accept stains, oils and other finishes, mahogany can be preserved and accented to meet absolutely every need.