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The Studio North and Prototype sections were promoted as one of the highlights of IDS15. Hosted in a gallery-like space on the show floor, these exhibits presented independent design at its best.

Studio North and Prototype participants were provided with the opportunity to have their work reviewed by a panel of international industry leaders and design experts. Past judges have included designers Tom Dixon, Eero Koivisto, Nipa Doshi, Arne Quinze, Gord Peteran, and Patricia Urquiola, as well as Paul Makovsky of Metropolis, Jesse Ashlock of ID, Kelsey Keith of Dwell Magazine, Giulio Cappellini of Cappellini, Anne Vos of MOOOI USA and Ben Watson of Moroso.

There is no other marketing opportunity in Canada that provides emerging designers and independent studios with such a high-profile platform to network with potential clients, manufacturers, trade professionals, buyers and media.

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Also celebrating its 13th anniversary, the Protoype exhibit featured works not currently in production by independent designers, who address the theme of innovative consumer products intended for mass production.

 Studio North & Prototype Exhibitors


608 Design
Atelier Pool
Paunil Studio
Garman Furniture
Geof Ramsay Design Studio
Renee Struthers
Talia Silva

Studio North

SN01———————- aerelight
SN02———————- Alex Andrite Design
SN03———————- Tischler Design Studio
SN05———————- Jonathan Sabine
SN07———————- wood | stone | metal
SN08———————- Luxi Studioworks
SN09———————- Scan West Design Ltd.
SN10———————- Living Wood Design
SN11———————- McKaskell Haindl Design Build Inc.
SN14———————- Tony Koukos, World Travel Photography
SN15———————- foxwedge
SN16———————- Archilume
SN18———————- Atelier Nomade
SN19———————- 608 Design
SN20———————- Martin C. Vendryes Woodworking
SN21———————- Eeuwes
SN22———————- Kino Guerin
SN23———————- Dystil
SN24———————- Christopher Solar Studio Furniture
SN26———————- Tat Design
SN27———————- Studio Lulo
SN28———————- Muscat Freeman
SN29———————- Davina Nathan
SN30———————- Storyboard Furniture Ltd.
SN31———————- Wallis Design Build
SN32———————- Leah Phillips Design
SN33———————- Quake Furniture, Inc.
SN34———————- LINT and HONEY
SN35———————- Refined Edge Design
SN36———————- PAB
SN37———————- blackLAB architects inc.
SN38———————- Nomo Creations
SN39———————- Object Interface
SN40———————- Drake Wood Design
SN41———————- Cheryl Wilson Smith
SN42———————- Carl&Rose
SN43———————- Elfer Castro Lab
SN44———————- Nygaard, Damian
SN46———————- Laura Langford
SN47———————- Libs Elliott
SN48———————- The Natural Form
SN49———————- Handmade

 Studio North & Prototype Feedback

“We chose Studio North because after years of organizing and exhibiting in offsite events we still felt as if there was a big segment of the Canadian design community that we weren’t reaching. That turned out to be true.” - Jonathan Sabine & Jessica Nakanishi (Best IDS13 Studio North Collection)

“The response that we had was phenomenal and if there was ever a “poster child” for Studio North I think that Contact Voyaging Co. is it. Just over a year ago we had an idea for an “object d’art” and in that year, because of IDS and Studio North, we have been: called the must have summer accessory by Sarah Richardson … featured in The Toronto Star, The National Post, Now Magazine and The Grid TO … Ranked by Wallpaper* Magazine as one of the 20 reasons to love Canada…highlighted on Breakfast Television, The Marilyn Denis Show and Steven and Chris. None of this would have been possible without The Interior Design Show and its support of Canada’s vibrant and independent design scene” – David Barclay, Contact Voyaging Co.

“Studio North is my favourite part of the Interior Design Show in Toronto. It is described as a “show within a show, introduced to support Canada’s vibrant and independent design scene featuring ateliers and designer-makers from coast to coast. Every year it is different and it always has the most original stuff. – Lloyd Alter,

“IDS offers a great opportunity to meet established designers and up and coming talent in one space. For us, it was an important brand building exercise.” – Katherine Yaphe, Oliver Yaphe – Studio North

“I wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU! This year’s IDS show was amazing! This is my second year at the show within the prototype section and I plan to continue participating. Studio North has always been my favorite part of the show. I walk away with not only exposure on my designs but with great contacts and friends that share my same passions to succeed in this industry.” - Jean Willoughby

“I’m glad I participated in Studio North mainly because I was looking for a response to a new addition to the products that I provide to interior designers. I was not disappointed as the reaction was very, very positive. IDS provides an opportunity for the public, manufactures and designers to cross pollinate over one weekend. It was certainly a valuable experience for me and I would happily participate in it again.” – Constance Laing