IDS offers a number of seminars for design professionals and enthusiasts on Saturday, January 24 and Sunday, January 25, 2015.  All seminars are 60 minutes long and take place on the main level of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in room 201D. Purchase one or more seminars and gain FREE show admission.

The Renovation Sweet Spot

Presented by IDC and National Bank

Speaker: Inger Bartlett


Renovations involve hopes and dreams and people do them for a variety of reasons. In today’s competitive marketplace, value is important but so are style and comfort. It is possible, and preferable, to combine value, style and comfort in a renovation equation that totals perfection. The three keys: A reno should be priced proportionate to the property’s value. A reno should maximize style and comfort. And a reno should always provide a forward-looking path to resale, whether immediate or eventual.


Our Changing Lifestyle: Trends and Fads

Speaker: Ramsin Khachi

12:00 PM

Understanding and applying trends to your home renovation.  From the initial home purchase, through to the concept and planning: Ramsin provides a consumers perspective on the difficulties of a true home renovation and provides tips on how to make it flow smoothly and flawlessly. From start to finish, he takes a look at dealing with often unforeseen environmental and renovation construction issues and how they can impact the integrity of your home. Lastly and most importantly he discusses the thought behind choosing certain materials & what special features would truly enhance your investment.



The Secret to Great Renovations: Kitchens, Baths & More!

Presented by Homes Publishing

Speaker: Samantha Sanella


Learn how to budget for your kitchen, bath or complete renovation. This seminar will walk you through renovation planning and tips for design success.